Headwind effect at 200- 300yds.?


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Mar 12, 2003
Schofield, WI.
Hello, Just got back from the range shooting my 223VS, 24grs. Benchmark and 55VMAX produced a 4 shot group of 5/16" with a flier about an inch lower @200yds., this happened with just about every group I tried, except for 24.3grs. Benchmark, 55VM, noticed a slight(3-5mph headwind) at times, I was using one windflag tacked on my board which was pretty still during most of the shooting, 300yds. produced even more vertical stringing with the 53MKs I was testing,(10 Shot groups) question is, Is the slight headwind pushing some of the bullets down or up? Or, is it just the nature of the beast when shooting a 223 at 2-300yds. Jay


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Jun 30, 2002

1 inch drop is way to much for it to have been head wind when firing at 200 to 300 yards. More likely it was just a statistical variation in your shooting style or load.

Tail wind rises the bullet and head wind drops the bullet.

Tail and Head Winds usually only have an appreciable affect after 300 yards. Even then the wind would have to be strong and your rifle very accurate before you would notice the difference.




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Dec 8, 2002
Get your ballistics program and apply a 10mph HW/TW to the chart and see how much difference it makes. Now, keep in mind the program is showing you the change in trajectory for a 10 MPH CHANGE all the way from bench to target. You have never shot in such conditions. Even so, the change will be no where near 1". Something is loose.

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