He takes pride in is work (gunsmith)

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    Sep 24, 2003
    Just got a call from Bob Lawson, the gunsmith that just did my 20 vartag. he wanted to know how it shot and how a fired case measured out. now that's what i call pride in your work, very seldom have i had a gunsmith that wasn't a personal friend call to make sure i was satisfied.

    after talking to him on several occasions i have come to the conclusion he simply loves his work.
    bob builds a lot of benchrest rifles for the local shooting community, he builds each one like it is for himself.
    wasn't sure where he got the reamer to cut the chamber, well he got the reamer from Fred at Z-Hat. couldn't of ask for better reamer specs.

    bob specilizes in single shot rifles like the Wycliff and the winchester low and high wall but is equally adapt at bolt guns. he is a great wood smith as well, his work reminds me of Kevin Weavers.

    Bob cut the tenon off the barrel, rechambered to 20 vartag cut barrel to 22" and put a 90* varmint cropwn on it. he had the rifle in my hands in 3 weeks and 2 of that was waiting on the ramer.

    bob lawson 417-962-0439


    how does the rifle shoot?
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    Oct 13, 2008
    That's a shooter for sure. Good to hear of more smiths that take pride in their work. My smith is the same way. After the first rifle he built me, he called me the day after hunting season was over (he's a big hunter, too, so he is in the woods all that week), and asked how I liked it, and how it shot.

    Congrats on the shooter.