HD Rifle's Bolt Modification

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    HD Rifle\'s Bolt Modification

    Here is a pic of the bolt mod I had done by HD Rifles in Del Rio, TX. This is an excellent idea and makes the bolt just about bulletproof. Jeff Hicks, Owner of HD Rifles, Drills and taps 3 holes thru the bolt handle and the bolt body, and fits them with the flush head torx screws. He then reams the inside to make sure everything is flush. He also installed the Badger Ord Bolt Knob. Here is a link to his website and more pics of his work... www.hdrifle.com
  2. Elarski

    Elarski Member

    Apr 12, 2003
    Re: HD Rifle\'s Bolt Modification

    I can vouch for Celt's work. My shooting buddy (Embalmer) had Celt perform this on his Remy, and it's definitely cool. [​IMG]
  3. Dave King

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    May 3, 2001
    Re: HD Rifle\'s Bolt Modification

    I can see how this cold be useful... I pulled a bolt handle off a Rem 700 once...ended the hunt right then and there!

    Root cause was too much muscle and too little brain... I discovered that I had galled the bolt at the cocking ramp or whatever it's called (lack of grease). More of a problem when strong(er) fireing pin springs are used (IMHO). I'm far more careful now but like the idea of securing that bolt handle a little better.