having issues


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Jun 26, 2008
christchurch, nz
ok so i got a new toy. a second hand pes typhoon bow. the issue that im having is i cant get the sight low enough with out it interfering with the fletching. if i leave the sight perpendicular with the bow then my lowest pin will only allow me to go out to like 20yrd. that just wont do. am using a true glow sight and muzzy xcelerator drop away rest.
not sure if this is explained very well. but anyone have similar issues?what solutions?
Not familar with the bow but going for the obvious. The site bracket has adjustment as do the pins, move to gain most clearance. Some bows have alternate site mount locations, for different shooters size. Is REST above center shot IE to high? Is nock point location also center shot or close?Set up doesnt sound normal. I HAVE PIN GUARD low on some of my bows, so I CAN HAVE A LONG PIN , so this at some point will hit fletching. But I GET 80-100 YRS,w/pin
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