Have you used any Alliant AR-Comp powder?


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Jan 10, 2008
I placed this here in the AR section because I am looking for AR data. I have been loading for over 30 years and have a friend that bought some AR-Comp and some 55 gr bullets to use in his new AR 223. I have never used this powder and can't really find much data even from Alliant done with actual AR platforms. Alliant data is limited and looks like it was done with a bolt rifle from the velocities they list. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Dec 30, 2014
I will preface this response with.....I'm not actually performing the loading, nor do I reload in any capacity.

That being said, I do shoot loaded ammo using AR Comp. A close friend of mine and F T/R competitor loads my rounds for me after the requisite R&D to determine the best load.

My load is as follows.
Federal 205M Gold Medal small rifle primer
AR-Comp 22.8g
69 Sierra Match King seated to P-Mag length

I run this out of a Colt 24" HBAR 1:9 and can net sub 1/2MOA 5 shot. His wife runs the same load out of her DPMS 20" Bull 1:7 for her F T/R matches.

He himself runs a little hotter load for his rifle but I don't have the load data handy.

I have not shot anything besides various loads with AR Comp and factory loads so I'm not a good one to directly compare AR Comp to any of the various powders available. He uses strictly AR Comp for his F T/R rifles, all of which are AR platforms.

I'm not sure how much help that is but at least you know it's used and used successfully.


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Sep 30, 2004
I just did some chrono testing with ar-comp and 55 gr FMJ. It is accurate and has good speed the problem is that it is bulky powder and our cases kind of run out of room. That it why Allient said to use with heavier match bullets.

With a long drop tube I could put in 25.9 gr in LC brass. I will do a post on what I found.


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