Have You Ever Realized Your Guns Will Outlast You?

Every holiday when when all the kids come over they usually end up looking at my guns telling me which ones they are going to take when I'm gone. Half ****es me off and half makes me happy that they will be used and stay in the family..... Although every holiday I remind them that they have to wait a while, I'm no where near being done using them.
I've been accumulating sporting goods, toys, reloading etc. since my early teens. I have 8 grands,3 by birth, 5 by remarrages, and 2 great grands not to mention old fishing and hunting buddy's. I really don't want to talk about it. Actually that and some investments are why I bought them. I figure that certain things will be a little more difficult to procure.
Sold off some high end shotguns so my wife wouldn't have to get robbed by someone in a GS. Everything else is destined for son, niece. But Yes, most everything I own will be shot in others hands many years to come. Just wish both of them would come learn to use my reloading equipment. They will probably learn like I did. Read from a book.
I've taught a few how to reload but I'm very picky. I don't want to teach someone that down the road blows a bolt into their face or anyone else's. Bad part is the potential bad ones are eager and I really don't want to hurt some old friends feelings.
I have asked a few of my more knowledgeable friends to help her sell them off and not get raped at a gun store. I said friends because money changes people. This way i have a somewhat system of checks and balances, i hope. I've seen it happen. Funerals are expensive. I've also tried to ensure that she's OK for a little while so it's not as imperative to get that much fluid cash that way.
It would be a good thing to pass them on.
That way we know old Joe and his gang didnt totally screw up the country!!
Oh man! My wife and I have had this conversation a few times, for while my son does some hunting, he is not the hunter nor shooter that I once was or still am. He does not reload anything, and I have so many supplies and equipment for loading 52 different cartridges, casting equipment and molds, bullet swaging dies and equipment, shotgun loaders, high numbers of firearms and customs with all their paraphernalia, etc, etc, etc.

My wife has no idea the value of these items, so I have tried to build a data base of the items and their replacement values, but that can rapidly change in the future. If I go first, my son has the option of his picks, but I don't want my wife to be taken advantage of by the vultures. Like many of you, I have bought my share of estate and yard sales to know how little many people know about the value of items in our sport, and I have purchased numerous items from LGS who took advantage of widows and bought entire estates at some ridiculous prices.

Sadly, my son and his wife never had children, so I don't have grandkids to leave some of these things too.
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Sold off some high end shotguns so my wife wouldn't have to get robbed by someone in a GS.
Yep, did the same for my 'good' handguns and rifles. Grandson has inherited my hunting rifles, one reloading press and the associated dies and powder. Gave him money for a good safe (Wanted pictures of it as proof money well spent) Told him to buy his own reading manuals.
Am using the 'heck' out of all those I still have and told wife: Grandson gets to pick what he wants and anything remaining to be donated to the NRA to do with as they wish.
This is a conversation that kind of surprises me, gets a lot less play time then maybe it should. I'm on the older half of millennial and my demographic is 58% childless. Add to that the rapid uptick in gun collection sizes that accounts for a tremendous amount of rifles with essentially no one to inherit them as the trees are shrinking instead of growing. I have five nieces and one nephew early indications are that the nephew probably going to be into the guns and one niece appears to have some tangential like of them. If you cone down the family tree like is currently happening.... it's gonna be safes of guns when we start to go. Take my nephew, my mom has a few family guns in her safe, my brother has your basic battery an no other offspring or nephews on his wife's side, his dad has a pretty large selection. Grampa only had one kid, so his will likely also end up with him. I'm probably the loonie of the bunch so even if I split my pile between him and my wife's side.... that guys gonna have a walk in closet case full if pretty nice rifles.

My wife's male cousins inherited their grandfather's rifles more than half of which were purchased by the great grandfather. Couple wimchester bolt guns and a few lever actions as well as a model 12 shotgun. Realistically those rifles were 4 generations old when passed down and probably not even halfway through their lifespan.

Take a modern full custom,, Realistically it could last hundreds of years with normal hunting use.

I know my guns will outlast me.... but none of my barrels will...