Have Kestrel, iPOD Touch & Bulletflight installed.


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Jul 26, 2009
Now what do I need to do? I have not chronographed my 6mm Norma BR using 105 grain Berger VLDs yet. I guess that I need to do this first. Any advice to get me going in the right direction would be very helpful. gun)

Here is another question. The program asks for the height of the scope? Is this height from the center of the bore to the center of the scope? Does it make a difference if the scope is parallel or is mounted to a 20 degree rail?

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You've got to remember this is Long Range "Hunting" so most guys this time of year are out in the field looking for critters.:) I'm not allowed to give out "qualified" information but I'll at least give you my $ 02.00 worth.:)

You've got the Kestrel and that along with a GPS will give you elevation and all of the data you need for your software. I'd definitely recommend you get the actual velocity for your load. I set my Kestrel to give me station pressure, not corrected pressure and feel that it's far more accurate that way.

Then shoot it for drops and to compare it to your software solution. Then, if necessary you can play with the software to get it to match your drops and then you will be able to rely on the software.

Don't worry about the angled scope base, just measure from the center of the bore line to the center of your scope and you'll be fine. It's not a real critical measurement.
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My Kestral gives the altitude. Can I trust it. It seems to be correct for the Atlanta area.

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I have a Kestrel 3500 and to calibrate it for altitude I have to know the BP. I'd think yours is the same process but may be done a little differently. Like I mentioned, I set the altitude to 0 in the calibration screen for BP and thus I get station pressure.

If the BP is correct they are usually close in altitude to the GPS but I've checked both my GPS and Kestrel and find that the GPS is more accurate when checked against known altitudes so that's just what I use and since I always have at least one GPS with me in the field it's no big deal
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