Has our board been taken over by a flurry or newbie morons?


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Nov 10, 2001
I don't mean to sound out of line but I have become really fed up with many of the new members of our board. After browsing over some threads this evening I have realized that many members don't realize that they are on a LONG RANGE hunting forum. Quotes like these make me nauseated.

A responsible hunter has no business shooting at a deer at 700 to 1000 yards, no matter what he can do from a bench. In the field with the adrenalin flowing, you may not be able to hit a barn at that distance. What's the matter, can't you stalk. Thats the fun part of hunting and the skill, I might add. A 308 or 30-06 is plenty of bang for a whitetail.

For those of you newbies out there who post ridiculous commonts like the one above please go to gunsandammo.com and post on their forum, not ours. Sorry for my frusterations but I have lost patience with all the newbie morons. I hope I'm not alone.
Do you know what a "flamer" or a "troll" is in relation to forums? This might be what we are dealing with here so don't get too fired up.
You are not alone.
a responsible hunter knows the rang in which he is capable.(don't put a limit on it!!!)

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MOA et al.

Every once in a while we get a little flurry of fellas confused about this site's intent, purpose and tone. They're usually corrected straight away and either take to us or leave. (We have had to block IP's to keep folks/trolls out).

There does recently seem to be a few more than normal, perhaps it's because our member numbers are climbing and perhaps it because more folks are finding us through searches about long range shooting (related to targets and such).

In any case, we'll try to educate the newbies and if that fails they'll be asked to leave like in the past. I sometime find the trolls a bit irritating too, seems like wasted effort on their part.

Hang in there, we'll battle and educate as a herd and continue to grow.

Greetings all:

Mornons, Flames and Trolls!!

Sometime ago I came to this site...again I am not certain when this all started. I have hunted for quite some time...was taught to hunt along comtempory terms, i.e. stalking or still hunting until you could obtain a close shot...with the then used close range equipment.
I have read...I think every post since this site was started...with intense interest. I was amazed with the scientific and learned approach the members used for this long range shooting. I was impressed with you all...imensely impressed. So much so I am now approaching over seven grand worth of equipement to get started. All this untried by myself...going mostly on my readings from this site. Quite a statement wouldn't you all say...for a stranger to come to this site and trust what you written! Speaks so very well of this board! Does it not?
I suppose it is easy to admonish those who do not know or understand. Conversely...I suppose it is easy for Morons, Trolls, and Flames to bait!!
What I am trying to say is...if you teach me I promise to learn and understand!
If you mentor me...I promise to mentor in return!
It was and is in that spirit I have come here. I wish the members and those who read the post on this site well.
I want to thank all who have written...you have changed my way of thinking...you have allowed me to think out of the taught and learned box (still hunting and stalking).

I am now in need of a shooting rest...thinking Caldwell (The Rock)? I again welcome, and seek your advice and counsel.

Semper Fi

Bruce ~~___/)~*~
If you need any more proof about the number of new members just look, Dave King #3, Bruce #2825. Got to have a few newbies in there somewhere.

I think it is great that the number of people visiting is growing. This is one of the few, and I think best site, for getting honest, factual, and responsible information about LR hunting.

99.5% of shooters out there don't have a clue about what it takes and how to be successful. Even LR BR or competitive shooter would have lots to learn. So, really everyone is a newbie, as was I.

To solve the never ending asking of the same question, why not have permanent posts with relevant answers to common questions. Like a FAQ section. That way the newbie can be refered there and learn enough to ask more detailed questions.

The sections on this forum, scroll through use pushing good posts out of reach for most. We know few actually search for info. If not on the first few pages, they simply ask.

so Dave, how about a FAQ section with permanent posts for questions like building a rifle, setting up scope, suitable cartridge and bullets, portable rests, ranging equipment, and such. The backbone of our knowledge base. also, include links to such great articles as those from Dan Lilja and his experiences.

That way we don't Flame a well meaning newbie that can't express his thoughts, or wants more info...and lots of it.

I second the motion.

I like jerrys idea of a FAQ area with good answers to how, what and especially why we long range hunt.

I bet that we already have enough posted info on these subjects to group on to a permanent page for newbies to read for a quick study.

I would also leave the "basics, just starting out" section fully intact. This would allow you to have a very plain FAQ page and once that was read a newbie would still feel comfortable with asking a "newbie" question.

Thats just my HHO (Hopefully helpful oppinion)
A FAQ setup is an idea that has been mentioned in the past and it's a good idea in my mind. A Len has mentioned he's considering changing the software for the board and perhaps we'll change the setup at that time to have a FAQ setup. It's a little different than the board, at least in my reckoning, we'd need dedicated space and a "pre-forum" setup to place static links to the good stuff. We'll see what happens but just know this desire has not fallen on deaf ears, logistics and support are needed.

And now back to our regularly scheduled thread....
Yes...you could add a FAQ section and that might help some....

However, I would suggest adding a actual section titled something like: NEW TO This SITE ??? READ ABOUT OUR PURPOSE AND INTENT...

Something like that, then define what it is that we foster and seek and work to accomplish. Spell it out plain and clear. That way, those who come here may know right up front, where we generally stand on some basic issues. It also allows you to refer flamers to it..noting for them that it is suggested reading. etc etc.
It should stay at the top of the columns and be in bold dark letters so you notice it.

This practice is not uncommon in forums because it simply solves some problems and sets the tone, right up front.


I agree with ppro and Wayne. No use in creating enemies, when we can eliminate enimies by making them our friends. Just need a clear, concise, explanation of the boards goals; for new members.
I am seeing some really good ideas here. I'll keep them in mind while I wait for my new software selection to make its way out of beta testing.
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