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Mar 25, 2003
I was looking through Harts catalog and was comparing the Big eyes price to other's. They seem like the best deal. Do any of you know if the spacemasters they use are the older ones? Also, do they use any other scopes like Swift or Kowas, at different prices? I was in contact with Jerry Phillips and his prices seem very high.
Last time I talked to Bobby Hart, (last week-end) they are using Swift spotters as they can't get the Bushnell Spacemasters without variable eyepieces.

Once in a while a pair of 60MM (not 50mm) Spacemasters can be found on a shelf somewhere like a camera or sports shop.

Call Hart and see what they are using at present. Maybe he found some older Spacemasters?

The catalog number for the Spacemasters we use is---"78-1800".
If you find any, let me know.

should be able to build a set yourself for around 600.00 or less. If ya attend the world open at Williamsport you can usually find a very fine bracket for sale(usally around 150.00) and then buy the glass yourself. You may even be able to find a set already put together at a fair price. Don't jump on the first stuff ya find out there now. Shop around and be patient. If worse comes to worse ya know hart's will have something.

338 is correct.

The "light weight" brackets are sometimes seen for $150.00 and the heavy duty jobs for around $200.00 to $225.00.

Randy Yahn has a real nice bracket for $225.00 to $250.00 and is thought by many to be the best. You have to watch on some of the cheaper or more expensive brackets how tight the objective bracket fits to the rods that adjust for the seperation of a persons eyes.
I usually grab hold of the front two objective ring holders of a bracket and try to move them apart and back and forth. If there is ANY movement or looseness, they won't hold collimation when this adjustment is made. I never use those brackets that have ANY looseness at all.

The 40 or more sets I put together and sold with one set of 22X WA eyepieces went for $695.00. I think Harts price was/is at least $100.00 more then that. I would have to charge more now because of the unavailability of the Spacemasters we always used.

When you put turrets and three sets of eyepieces on the set-up the price jumps to $1150.00 but, you have an outstanding and much more usable set of glasses. The eyepiece selection on the turrets were/are 15x, 22x and 40x for closer identfication of animals and horns.

With bigeyes, you can get into them for around $700.00 to $5000.00 depending on what your wallet will stand.
"For the money", the Spacemasters are hard to beat. They can be beat, but the price will also be MUCH higher.

Over the years I've had and still do have, a large collection of big eye glasses of different models and can compare them quite well.

I may have a set of Spacemaster's to sell in the near future.
If anybody is interested, let me know.

I've been wanting big eyes for some time now myself. The part I can't believe is that the spacemasters provide such great optics (I'm sure they do though, from what I've read). I know price is a consideration but how about the fixed Kowa's with a bracket. I know the bushnell's have been the standard but it's now 2003 and they are no longer in production--we need to move on as well. I'd like to see a bracket made for a higher end scope, bushnell has poor optics in general anyways, imagine if we could have Kowa big eyes, who wants to step up and fabricate the mounts?
I am very interested in purchasing a pair. Where can you buy the turrets to add on?
..MOA.. You mean like these.?? Hehehe.. d:^) JiNC

PS- Randy in VA has some nice setups as I recall, also..


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We have had the brackets for Kowas and other large spotters for years.

We just try to keep the price down and offer a fantastic set of glasses by using the Spacemaster.
For the money they can't be beat regardless if this is 2003 or not.

Now with that being said, the Kowa 77mm and 82mm have been put togther for many years now. As per my eyes, they are no better then the Spacemasters and considering the cost is over twice as much, most people lean toward the Spacemasters.

Even the Swarvorsky 80mm have been put together in a bracket at a price of around $4000.00 or more.
The optics are some of the best you will find and the price is right up there.

If a person can find the Spacemaster 78-1800 I have brackets for them.

The 60mm Swifts make a dandy set-up also.

The pic posted by Jake is the 66mm Kowa and I have the 77mm Kowa set up which is a bit larger.


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The Kowa mounts have been available for years. Most LR hunters here in PA as well as other states have the Bushnell Spacemasters. They are out there but ya have to do your homework. Glass to Glass I personally can't justify the price difference. You could put several sets of spacemasters together for just one set of the kowa's.(unless your lucky like Jake in NC) But to each his own. Do what's best for you. Give Jerry Phillips a call he'll be more than glad to fix ya up.
Unless you like givin money away I'd stay away from that bird.

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What your $ for a bracket?
Do you have any of the good eyepieces?

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Hello Butch

I have some (not very many) of the good eyepieces held back for when I come across Spacemasters.

You can look at the Swift 22X Wide angle and I think they made some of them for Bushnell.
They even come in the same color box as Bushnell.

What power are you looking for? I do have some odds and ends such as straight 20X up to 60X. Problem with the 60X is, it's like looking through a BB. They are not very clear and sharp.

The brackets go from $150.00 and up.

A real good set of glasses are the "old" B&L 60mm Balscopes put togther.
I just sold a pair with turrets on and used the same bracket that I use for the Spacemasters.

Take care.
I was lookin for a new set of 25x or 22wa the one set I have look a little yellow. I like the 25x the best. The only fault of them is when your in close its like lookin up an elephants arse through a straw. I also am gonna need a new bracket I have a set to put together that's been layin around.

The 25X is not a wide angle but, they will be sharp all the way to the edge of the glass.
This is called a "flat field."

The Wide angle's are a bit fuzzy about the last 1/4 of the way to the viewing edge. It's the nature of the wide angle eyepieces. The higher the power the more it is noticable.

The 25X are VERY good and I use them in my Kowa 77mm.

I'll have to look and see what I have as far as 25Xs. I think I sold the last set to a fellow at the range.

I got my last set from Troxell's it's the last set he had so I took em , Glad I did.
They are crystal clear. I don't know if Grice may have any up there or not. Probably Not , he's in a LR hot spot.
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