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May 10, 2007
Hands up if you have done this... Be honest..

I recently saw a nice sambar stag that in the end I decided to pass on.. Took some good video , then went home happy. After reviewing the tape I realised I might have made a mistake and decided to go back and try for him.

Went a couple of days later and he came out at dark and did not have enough light to make the 500 M shot.

Went back again a few nights later after some rough weather and the first deer out happened to be this big boy. Forty five minutes before dark and 550 M away.. I was thinking that this would look good on camera. Dialled for 525 M .98 cos downhill. Made sure the deer was all centred up on camera and cranked 10 up and held dead on..

Boooommm !! Whoooooosh ! echo......... Watched the deer jog into cover and thought it had to be a lung shot... Just could not have missed !!!

Then I go to the instant reply.. Thanks to technology, replay the shot only to see the bullet go over his back by about 4 ft and blow a huge hole in the hill about 200 past him ??? What the... !

Then it dawned on me. When I had pulled the gun out of the drag bag I noticed the turret dialled to 9 up. Not remembering having cranked it up the evening before I assumed it had walked itself in the bag and moved it to the zero again. In fact what I had done was go the 10 up ! So instead of dialling the 10 up on the target , I infact dialled 20 up and fired. Where's a zero stop when you need one hey !

Going back tomorrow and plan on posting some happy snaps shortly !

Now... Hands up if you have forgot to zero your scope turret.. Be honest !

Yup, I've had it happen with a miss "up" and "down". both times lost track of the numbers of revolutions I had turned the turret in order to get back to zero. One time I stopped one revolution above my zero and another time I cranked the turret down one extra revolution. Fortunately this makes for a clean miss.

I used to use target turrets and after my twist off I switched to tactical turrets
with covers and the problem was solved .

Some people don't like them because you have to remove the caps when ready
to make an adjustment.

I find I always have the time because when I get set up I remove them and Wait
for the shot and the range.

Gloom, despair and agony on me, Yep I've done it but luckily not on game..........yet.

In fact I'm going to check my turrets NOW!

Thanks for the heads up.
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