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Mar 25, 2007
I just got this message from a customer. These make my day! I had to have him text me the photo b/c I am not smart enough to figure out how to get it out of the original email. In his text he said he was shooting in an 11 mph cross wind! I don't share these very often, but this one seemed like it should be shared.

I went through over 150 Berger bullets and 3 different powders trying to find a good load without success. 15 rounds with the 246gr Hammer and I had it shooting this consistently. Thanks for taking the time to talk on the phone with me and helping me get these results.


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Oct 12, 2009
I use Hammers in all 3 of my hunting rifles. 143 Hunters in my 7-06AI, 88 Hunters in my 6 Remington AI, and 178 Sledge Hammers in my 358 Hoosier and all shoot great and are the easiest tuning bullets I have ever used. I shoot a lot of short range benchrest and this includes any of my custom bullets. 7-06 AI and 6 Rem AI are 1/2" groups at 200 yds and 358 is 1 hole at 100 yds. Not only do the shoot great but they perform well on any animal I have ever shot with them. And Steve is a great guy to deal with.
John Myers