Hammer Bullets Pressure Testing Results

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So, from what I read the HH had similar start pressure as a cup and core bullet. The AH had lower pressure. This info does not support any claims of higher velocity with hammer hunter bullets though the AH would be little higher. As for start pressure decreasing with jump that is commom for any bullet and reason you need to be careful seating into lands. Think of Weatherby Freebore as example of this

There was a thread a while back comparing a sierra (i think) bullet to hammer hunter where getting higher velocity from hammer with same powder charge. I said that was not good data nor likely at same pressure and was booed down by hammer crew. This post 100% backs up that was bogus info in that post where hammer always gives higher velocity.

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And here we go
LOL. Steve asked for it. I am not an expert just interpreting the results vs wanting to rationalize a higher velocity.

I run my HH loads same powder charges and velocities as barnes ttsx loads which to me says they behave similar which matches the results posted here. Both are banded mono bullets which reduce pressure of a non banded mono (like an etip) and behave similar to cup and core I have not tried AH. Maybe if Steve ever makes a tipped AH in 270…

However note you are playing with 1-2k in pressure difference. That is not much of velocity delta. I think guy said something like .6gr powder to match. How many more are folks adding? I dont know
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For simple comparative reference, it'd be cool if they could load "just under pressure" loads as per normal loading practices as in reading pressure like we all do without the equipment, then run a Pressure Test to see where it's at. If that could be done with a popular C&C as well for comparison, that'd be fun. Maybe I missed something somewhere. (Best if they were familiar with loading for the Hammer design - i.e. right powders, etc. And testing with/without crimping would be nice as well) 🤠
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I'd be interested in seeing testing of .264 diameter 109gr AH and 110gr HH side by side. Maybe even remove 1gr of material from the base of the 110gr HH so they are both identical in weight? Load them so they both have identical Initial Pressure at the same jump....and then compare muzzle velocities. That should solve the greater muzzle velocity -vs- same pressure debate.....