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Mar 25, 2007
I am excited to announce that we have three new partners that are loading Hammers in their ammunition. All three of these companies are producing premium high quality ammunition and are most definitely the kind of companies that we at Hammer Bullets want to be associated with.

The first one to join with us this summer was Pendleton Ammunition. https://pendletonammunition.com/ Pendleton is a custom ammunition company that also sells off the shelf ammo after they have done a custom load work up in that caliber. They have been aggressively adding more and more Hammer Bullets to their line of available to order ammunition. They will also work a custom load for your particular rifle too. Definitely worth checking out for you guys that want high end custom ammunition.

Second to join us this summer was Gunwerks! As most of you know Gunwerks has a stellar reputation is the production long range huntin market. They are running Hammer Bullets in their lead free line of ammunition. They also have been aggressively adding more and more Hammer Bullets to their line of ammunition.

Lastly we just took our first order from Weatherby! We are very excited to be a part of Weatherby and their reputation for pushing the envelope. We have developed several bullets for the famous Weatherby cartridges that will be exclusive to the Weatherby brand. We look forward to pushing forward to do things that Roy dreamed of doing but he just didn't have the bullets capable of what he wanted to do. I think together with the engineers at Weatherby we will make Roy proud.

You guys that are not rolling your own, these three companies will be able to get your needs taken care of.

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