Had a great weekend in Montana (Blackfeet Nation)


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May 20, 2020
Well after building a load for my Kimber 280 Ackley with a Barnes 145 LRX and H4831sc. Found a unique looking antelope and took a 375 yard shot and my load development all came together on Friday Oct. 15.

Saturday morning I was blessed at first light with possibly my personal best bull elk on the Blackfeet Reservation in Montana. 531yd out of my new Christensen Arms Travers in a 28 Nosler.
I have never ran into elk in this basin and thought how cool would that be if I saw some in there. Walked to the rock ledge over looking the basin, low and behold there was my 355” bull. Was a very very good weekend and with it’s abundant of meat supply on top of my wife’s pope and young bull moose were going to be eating good this winter.
Fantastic! Congrats!