H1000 VS N570 ( 28 nosler)


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May 31, 2017
The load I put together is pushing the SAFE factor alot. It is over 85.0 grains of N570 with 215M primers. The jump is more than most people shoot with Bergers but it is working for me. It was 40 degrees today with a gusting 18-25 mph quartering wind at the local range. I turned a lot of heads by shooting a 6 inch 3 shot group at 765 yards and holding 5 to 6 MOA. A real test of what a rifle can do with a good load.
I shot my 28 yesterday after our 1000 yd match. 16.5 moa to 1000 yds. I am at approximately 1200 altitude. 8” group off a bipod. I know I can do better if I tweak on it. Did you happen to see the Alcoa 195 grain bullet for a 7mm? Very high BC

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