H1000, 210 VLDs and a 300RUM

With the 208 amax's I get 3150fps (92.5gr match reamed) in the warmer days, I have switched back to ADI AR2225 (Retumbo) though as I have 3 tubs to use and get very similar results but best groups for me are at 3080fps
I have been shooting 92 gr of retumbo and getting 3080, with a 210 berger, as an average, but my velocity spread is a little much. about 90 FPS. H1000 is what i am trying next.
I have been playing with N165 and lighter 168 pills as I have a 1:12 twist twist Rum at the moment......

I would have to check the load but it is around 95gr and I am getting 3500fps and 22 spread

3570 was the top speed but with tight lift so the preasure will be up there at 3500

It looses nothing until past 700 yrds the wind and enrgy number favour the 208's I used to use when I had the 1:10 twist barrel.....under 20moa at 1000 yrds with a 200 zero helps as the scope on that rifle lacks travel (sightron got shifted to a target rifle:rolleyes: )
Factory Rem 700
300 RUM
210 Berger
3080 FPS

In this rifle, the H1000 gave tighter groups than Retumbo.

Factory Savage
210 Berger
3125 FPS
H1ooo with 89.5 grs in my new load es of 18fps out of ten shots. supper awsome group , I was about ready to give up ,and live with 40 to 70 es, but it all come gother.I sorted my brass and found about ten out of a hunred that all held the exact same amout of water.Fed 215 match primers 210 bergers.2990 fps. might be a littel slow but i only get one day a week to work on it and have spent the last 2 years trying to get it this good , Iam a lot happier now .:D
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