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Apr 12, 2004
Ok first post ....
I'm currently looking into getting my first proper longrange rifle in .308 , i have no option on the calibre as thats what is on my cert so thats what i have to get.
I have been looking into the H-S Precision heavy Tactical .308 , it seems to get some very good reviews , but i find that reviews rarely if ever give a bad report !
So that given that this is an all American rifle and 90% of you guys are American could you give me a honest opinion of this rifle . Another option is a Nor Cal rifle by Gerry Rice , but i am sort of thrown towards the H-S Precision.

thanks in advance .
Oh crap , i just found a small review of the H-S Precision in the review Equipment forum . Sorry i'll look that bit harder next time , but if anyone wants to add to this i'd be more than happy.
I have a H-S Precision Pro-Hunter.
.300 win mag.
It shoots several hunting bullets into 3 shot groups of under 1/2".
Very nice rifle, great trigger.
People at the company are nice to work with also.
Good value for the money.
In the UK it costs £1800 , i think converted thats roughly $3500 . So lets say $500 went on shipping and paper work and another $500 went on the retailers profit, that leaves $2400 and H-S Precision list them at $2100 in standard form , sounds about right.
Thanks Express ,a very kind offer indeed. It's my guess that in about 10 weeks time i'll be the proud owner of the H-S Precision Heavy Tactical .308 .
Brown Dog I just check and it had gone into my junk mail folder for some reason.

I'll probably be coming voer to the UK for a roe buck toward the end of this month, but I won't be bringing any of my own guns since there isn't enough time to work out the beurocracy.

I'll be hunting around Devon with a friend.

Catch you round?
For that much money you could look at a Sako TRG-22, also what about your own AICS units, I understand they're respectable.

Els I have the same rifle you are takling about and will tell you it's worth everything they say about it and more.
The test target that came with the rifle, which I can only assume was fired out of some kind of machine rest was.178MOA

I got it to the range on Saturday for the first time and the best group I came up with was .323MOA

This was the first batch of handloads and I have not experimented with powders, primers COL or anything else.

That load was a little hot, the primers were flattening but it shouldn't be so since it was just at max as per the Vihta Vuori manual.

43.2gn N140 CCI BR2 Lapua brass, Lapua 167gn Silver Scenar(moly) COL 60.95mm @ the ogive.

I would like to see if I don't get flat primers with another powder, may try N135 of N550 maybe try backing out off the lands a little more too.

I'll be bringing the rifle over to the UK this year at some stage, if you're around and still keen you can have a look and a shot if you like.
Jay Kyle

The Accuracy international is indeed a fine rifle , unfortunately it's to heavy for the kind of work i will have to do , 15lbs with scope . I must admit i was considering the Sako TRG 22 or a RPA interceptor both of which are fairly light , the H-S precision though is the lightest out of the lot.
The civilian version of the AI would be the cheapest option at a little over £1500 - $3000 , the H-S Precision , RPA and Sako are all pretty much the same price .

I was rather turned off the HS Precision idea by the thought of paying a middle man around £3-400 clear profit just for ordering and receiving the rifle. (ie US retail price £1166 +VAT = £1370 plus a (generous) £100 for shipping = £1470. He's making £330 (more if he's only paying trade and not retail!)for simply phoning the order to HS Precision and (maybe) collecting the rifle from Bond -just seems a wee bit steep to me).

What switched you off the RPA? It's what I'm thinking of getting -interested to hear your thoughts.
Hi Brown Dog

I know what you mean about the price hike , but that's the price you pay for living in good old blighty , or more aptly put 'rip off Britain'
I cant really say what has put me off the RPA , if anything has at all , they are said to be the most accurate out of the box rifle bar-none , i think it's just one of those cosmetic things , the H-S just catches my eye better .
I was waiting for the new RPA to come out , fluted barrel , thumb hole stock ect ect , i think they describe it as a light weight hunter/varminter. I'm still considering the RPA in 6PPC to replace my .243 but at £2000 for a magazine fed rifle they aren't cheap.

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