H-4895 Powder - Anyone - Availability


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Mar 10, 2021
The Hodgdon Story.
Bruce Hodgdon cut government red tape and soon owned 50,000 pounds of government surplus 4895. After WWII an old boxcar moved to a rented farm pasture served as the first magazine, the first one-inch ad placed in the American Rifleman, and Bruce was in business.
4895 was the powder that served the United States Military and won the war. This powder was used in almost every cartridge - not the 50 cal during the WWII.
Bruce Hodgdon started his empire with selling surplus 4895 which he sold for $30.00 for a 150lb keg.
I have used H-4895 in our .204 and .223 with GREAT success. I have not been able to purchase let alone even see any H-4895 for sale in the last few years.
Has anyone been able to purchase or even see H-4895 for sale anywhere???

Len & Jill
Last H4895 I saw was June Or July.
None since......probably sitting in a ship offshore west coast that cant dock....

Plenty if IMR 4895 out there though.
Not an extreme powder but its burn rate is very close to H4895 in moderate weather


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Jan 16, 2017
Is not or ever, really? Ball M2 ( 1937-1954): With 150-grain bullet based on the profile of the M1906, this cartridge incorporated the gilding metal jacket of the M1 projectile with a slightly heavier pure lead core. It has a higher muzzle velocity than either of the earlier cartridges. Been to a quite a few military shooting ranges, ain't seen 1 that the berm couldn't stop the rounds, even the .50 and 20mm. M2 stuff where the beancounter boys were trying to save on that antimony in the 174.5 grain (M1) round, machine guns and aircraft but, works in the Garand!! M2 came in the 8round en bloc clips in cloth bandoleers that held 6 clips. Anyways, H4895 still comes from Australia these days. Hunt with a WWII infantryman they know stuff.