Gunwerks Magnus LR 1200 338 Edge Package

Loren Hitchcock

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Feb 6, 2014
Greer's Ferry lake in Arkansas.
Gunwerks Magnus LR 1200 in 338 Edge, G7 scope (5-22x50mm) with level, angle indicator and Butler Creek caps with BDC turret. The rifle is cerakoted black, 27" twist spiral flute barrel, 3 port muzzle brake, spiral flute bolt. This is a repeater with DBM that weighs 11.5 pounds. Harris bipod included, not the Atlas in the picture.
127 rounds through the barrel, shoots a 300 grain Berger OTM at 2850 average on my Labradar. Under .50 MOA at 1000 yards. Furthest I've shot it is 1500 yards pinging 12" diameter steel plate.

I have the Redding reloading dies, 100 new brass, load data using Berger 300 OTM and H1000, 10 loaded rounds and Starlight hard case with foam cut for this rifle. Gun is in very good to excellent condition. I won't say excellent period because it has been afield and on hunts for elk the last three years in Colorado. Longest kill, 1159 yards on bull elk.

Gunwerks doesn't offer the Magnus in this large caliber now, only in smaller calibers. Price:
$5350 20180322_225215.jpg 20180322_225157.jpg 20180322_225820.jpg 20180322_225736.jpg 20180322_225526.jpg 20180322_225412.jpg 20180322_230333.jpg shipped/insured lower 48 to your FFL. No trades please.