Gunwerks LRU 1 and 2


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May 22, 2022
Morning everyone,

I attended LRU 1 and 2 recently at Gunwerks home facility in Cody and had a great time. The instructors Brian and Ian were fantastic and my classmates were a very good people to spend a few days with. The class was a nice mix of classroom and shooting sessions. We used Gunwerks Magnus with Leupold Mark 5 5-25 in 6.5 CM, Revic spotters, Revic br4 rangefinders and Gunwerks suppressors. We even had a chance to check out the new Revic Bino’s. They did a really good at explaining what works and why. Even better, they prioritize things so that you could understand what the most important factors are in making a shot. I think everyone came out of the class a better shooter and hunter. The facilities were excellent, the staff and the equipment top notch, and the experience well worth it. The spotter/shooter drill working with a partner to make hits on game size steel targets at various distances/directions and wind was probably my favorite.

I also did a combined Gunwerks rifle class/antelope hunt last August at the NRA Whittington Centre in NM last year and had an excellent time and learned a lot there as well. Had the pleasure of meeting Aaron at that one and spending some time chatting with him over bbq at the ranch where the hunt was. Very nice guy and has a passion for hunting, understanding how things work (and what doesn’t work), and innovation that comes through.

I’ve had a smattering of Gunwerks products over the years and bought my first Gunwerks rifle - a Nexus over the winter. I highly recommend you take one of their courses if it fits your time and budget. I have done marksmanship, long range shooting courses, and pistol and carbine courses with other groups and instructors so have a reasonable base to compare them too. I would describe them as top notch and well worth the time and money. I’m hoping to do LRU3 at some point in the future and will keep practicing what I’ve learned here at home.

IMO, nothing will improve your ability to make clean kills faster than quality instruction. Gunwerks is definitely a top option. Happy to answer any questions in this thread or by PM.
Completed LRU 1 and 2 last month in Cody. Good people and great mixture of class time and range work. Highly recommend and I hope to take my adult son next summer. Had the opportunity to work with the new Revic scope as well as get a hands on with the range finding bino that they launched the week I was there.
Great write up. My dad and I are both doing the combined class/antelope hunt later this year. Can't wait to go already!!!
I use to teach that class for them with the hunt combo
Nice antelope out there at the triple diamond ranch
NRA Whittington center is beautiful enjoy