im not sure where youre located , but there is a top notch custom barrel maker and gunsmith here in wa. they just compleated my 2nd custom win m70 . the first one in 7mm saum shoots bugholes , have 1/4 moa 5 shot groups .will be shooting my new 6.5 creedmoor tomorrow .
their name is benchmark barrels . ph.# 360 652 2594 this is where lawton gets their barrels , .

good hunting ,

Hawkinpup- Use one of the site's sponsoring smiths. Their livelihood depends on their reputation here. You won't have a bad experience and they are all top notch.
Gladly...would love to find one with some recommendations, and maybe get the work done in under a year.
I would recomend Jim @ he is a sponsor on here and he has built/worked on my dad's guns, is almost done with my buddy's gun and he put together my half-min shooting pistol! He doesnt take a year and is willing to build what you want!
If I was in your shoes I would look at the gun photos and pick one you like. Most guarntee a 1/2moa but in my experience with a little load development they will do at least that(my rifles shoot far better than I can). 308Nate is my smith, a good friend and lives 35miles from me. You won't be disappionted in any of the well known sponsored gunsmiths here. Separating a good gunsmith from a great one in my opinion is easy. The great one is the one who is willing to share his/her knowledge with the rest of us to help people gain knowledge and experience=confidence in ones shooting. Some do it by educating on this forum and some do it face to face. I wasn't a long range shooter until I met Nate. He introduced me to LRH and this site. You won't be disappointed in any of the sponsored gunsmiths. Give them a call and find one that fits.

Nate Dagley
Kirby Allen
Shawn Carlock
Jim See
Kevin Cram

Just to name a few

Well while we're pluggin' our buddies than allow me to plug Kevin Cram:D. Although I favor Kevin, any of the fellers mentioned will turn out a rifle you'll be proud to own!
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