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Dec 9, 2020
Social Circle, GA
I have recently acquired a Grizzly G0776 Lathe with DRO and a G0759 Mill with DRO for my firearms’ work area. I also have a Global Finishing Solutions 1FPX-E spray booth with a West Extended Locker converted into an oven for Cerakoting. Has anyone had experience with any of this machinery/equipment? Would like comments on the Grizzly Lathes/Mills. I was a machinist, in my teens, before going into the Marines. It has been many years since then and I basically make/modify my rifles/pistols. I have had used South Bend, Summit, Cincinnati and others from the early 1900s. Some of the older machines are still in use and extremely accurate. Unfortunately, I do not have any of those fine machines today. I have been at some of the top custom rifle/barrel makers and they have equipment for drilling/rifiling barrels that were used in WWII. Some of these machines are extremely hard to duplicate for their accuracy. Would appreciate any pros/cons on Grizzly.


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