gunsmith to do custom gun


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Dec 24, 2011
Hi yall!
Im looking into getting another long range gun but one more geared to long range hunting. The caliber i have in mind is maybe a 300 rum, 338 rum, or a 338 lapua. Im looking for a link to a gunsmith that makes custom guns or possibly one of you that will build it. It needs to be a tack driver with absolutely no shorter than a 26" barrel and preferrably a 28". I know, a little heavy for hunting but oh well. It needs to have a kick *** brake installed on it. For a stock probably a tactical or a mcmillan style. I would like a trigger adjustable to about 1.5 lbs that is top of the line. A bonus would be to have this built off a rem 700 action and have a aic box mag. Im pretty much just looking for a custom gunshop or a web link that could possibly hook me up on this subject and maybe even for around $3k, thanks.


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Aug 17, 2011
central Georgia
John Whidden at Whidden Gunworks 229-686-1911 has built 5 longrange rifles on Rem 700 magnum actions for me. All have been tack drivers.Calibers I have are .338 EDGE, 300 RUM, and 7STW.

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