Gun stock 2013 (Michigan)

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    Mar 23, 2013
    Marksmanship Training Center

    Gunstock – 1st Annual (12 hour Multi Discipline Exposition)

    • Location: MTC
    • August 31, 2013 - 9AM to 9PM
    • $50 preregistration - $75 registration at the door, Register Online or Send check/money order to: MTC - 4215 Van Atta Rd. Okemos, MI 48864

    • Gunstock 2013 is the first of many that will be held annually. The purpose of this event is to bring together a wide variety of shooters, industry professionals, law enforcement, military, contractors, competitors, and manufacturers. People experienced or entry level will benefit from a diverse group of individuals networking, sharing information, product demonstrations, training, and a little competition. Planned Events – Paid shooters may choose some or all events to participate in.

    • Long Gun

    o 10X Bulls eye contest
    o UnKnown Distance Challenge
    o Barrier Course

    • Carbine
    o Close Quarters Carbine Qual
    o Carbine Tactical Contest

    • Pistol
    o DoS Pistol Qual
    o Pistol Competition

    • Field Skills
    o Target Detection exercise
    o Land Nav/Orienteering exercise
    • Additional Events
    o Classroom and Designated Areas
    o Vendor Booths
    o Product Demos
    o Weapons Handling
    o Range Estimation
    o Basic Scope Theory

    o *more to be added

    • Lunch and Dinner will be available.

    Current Sponsors
    Battle Arms Development
    PDC Custom
    *Attending Black Widow Armament
    *Attending Joint Force Enterprises Italian Gun Grease
    *Attending (Guest)
    *Attending Battle Comp Enterprises
    For Sponsorship opportunities contact: [email protected]
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    Interesting, but pricey.