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Apr 27, 2023

Lets see em...


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English Pointers run off of Horse back in field trials or on large plantations, where th dog ran full speed down a hedge roe and then stopped with a cloud of dust and his, her tail was straight in the air Several hundred yards away and the gallery Judges rode up on horseback or buggy. Then the owner/handler dismounted and walked over in front of the pointers. then a "Flusher" would walk in front of the dogs and bust the covey. Then owner/handler would then take a blank shot.
I won many a Field Trial Like this. Have cases of FDSB Magazines in the basement,
Took Puppy of the Year with Ramblim Gambler in all the New England States. When I move to HI i gave Hinm to my best friend, The dog was a Derby then. He got an offer of $15K for my dog to go to Japan, I think he held out for one more year and got $25K. This was in the early 80s.
I loved to train Brits too for close in work and flushing/retrieving
Got lots of stories from the Bird Dog Cricut


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Hunting with dogs is a special bond. I have hunted with GWPs for over 35 years. Contemplating a pup in the next year or so as current pair are 9 and 6 years old.

Current pair with a mearns in each of their mouths

Asa at 2 with a double limit of mearns.

Oli with a nice looking male mearns

Last pair Thor (black and white) and Abbey a rescue who turned out to be great
Just got my first WPG for Father's Day from my wife and girls. She is almost 6 months old now and I am starting to introduce her to pigeons right now.
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My friends parents used to have a couple breeding pairs of WPG’s and they are excellent close working dogs.
As with all hunting dogs it’s important to check pedigree for hunting lineage and not show.
Good luck with your new hunting partner!