Gun band already in the works!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Mar 27, 2005
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Less than 12 hours after winning re-election, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton signed on to new UN Gun Ban talks at the United Nations March 18-28, 2013.

But I'm afraid Obama and Clinton won't even wait until next March to start trying to ram through new gun control.

You see, when the lame duck session of Congress starts next Tuesday, many anti-gun elected officials just ousted from their seats will have an axe to grind . . .

. . . and nothing to lose.

Not only that, but Members of Congress know most Americans -- exhausted from the recent election -- won't be paying attention.

It's a perfect opportunity for anti-gunners like Harry Reid, Dianne Feinstein and Chuck Schumer to cut anti-gun deals and get home for the holidays while very few are watching.

The UN Gun Ban, a new permanent "Assault Weapons Ban," or even ammo and magazine bans will ALL be on the table when Congress reconvenes during the lame duck.

That's why I'm mobilizing NAGR's 1.4-million members and supporters RIGHT NOW in opposition to ALL attempts to foist gun control on the American people during the lame duck session.

But even if you and I fight back and stop gun grabs like the UN Gun Ban during the lame duck, we'll be facing another major showdown battle over our gun rights at the United Nations in just a few short months.

After NAGR's million-member army stalled the "Small Arms Treaty" Conference this summer, the institutional gun lobby prematurely declared victory.

But less than five weeks later, petty tyrants at the UN rammed the UN Gun Ban through the Programme Against Small Arms meeting.

These new "International Small Arms Control Standards" are a nightmare of third-world gun control demands.

And the gun control zombies at the UN are crowing that this is exactly what they need to finally pass the "Small Arms Treaty."

Only this time, they've got the partially-completed treaty AND the UN Programme's new Small Arms Control Standards to use as a baseline -- and a President not worried about re-election.

That's why it's vital you click below to sign the survey to STOP Hillary's UN Gun Ban before it's too late.

Just a quick review of the UN Programme's new Small Arms Control Standards is enough to make my skin crawl.

This is nothing less than full-bore registration, confiscation and destruction:

*** Begin "marking small arms and light weapons and keeping accurate and easily retrievable records of them;"

*** Create "an appropriate weapons collection or registration strategy;"

*** Identify "groups holding small arms and/or light weapons and their age/gender profiles, the types and number of weapons held;"

*** Determine "capacity for destruction, including required improvements to equipment and procedures."

Worse, as we've seen in the past, the Programme Against Small Arms can be directly implemented via Executive Order -- without a single vote in Congress.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Even without a completed "Small Arms Treaty," gun-grabbers are gearing up to DEMAND that Congress pass the new Arms Control standards because the U.S. is a member of the UN Programme of Action Against Small Arms!

That's why it's so critical you fill out your survey to STOP Hillary's UN Gun Ban IMMEDIATELY and make a generous contribution of $20, $10 or $5.

The gun-grabbers in the UN Programme Against Small Arms, including Hillary Clinton's State Department, aren't to be taken lightly.

Since it's creation in 2001, this anti-gun UN organization has established itself as the archenemy of law-abiding gun owners here in the U.S.

In fact, many of the most recent anti-gun schemes here in the U.S. can be traced back to the Programme.

Obama's Historic Gun Ban to destroy more than one million WWII M1 Garands, M1 Carbines and Colt 1911 pistols is linked to the Programme.

Eric Holder's corrupt "Fast and Furious" operation -- according to public State Department reports to the United Nations -- is a direct implementation of the UN Programme of Action Against Small Arms.

In the report, Hillary's State Department almost sounded proud of the murder and mayhem caused by their reckless actions.

Now they want the full UN Gun Ban, and I'm afraid they're looking at this lame duck session of Congress -- right now -- as their best opportunity yet.

With the election has come and gone, gun-grabbers think most Americans won't be paying attention to what happens in Washington, D.C.

And the fact that Members of Congress will be even more anxious than usual to "compromise" away our gun rights so they can go home makes next week's lame duck session of Congress a recipe for disaster.

With President Obama's first action after being re-elected already on the books, you and I know gun control is on his mind.

He's emboldened like never before seeking to cement an anti-gun legacy with his left-wing cronies.

And tossing a bone to his anti-gun comrades is the one glaring omission stopping him from going down in history as the most radical liberal President ever with his elitist pals.

That's why your IMMEDIATE action is so critical.

The number of options the anti-gun gang has at their disposal is mind-numbing.

. . . we must prepare for a lame-duck push in the coming weeks . . .

. . . AND start fighting a new "Small Arms Treaty" conference in the months ahead.

There's not much time.

As you'll see, your completed STOP Hillary's UN Gun Ban survey is designed to send the following message to the gun-grabbers:


I believe making sure this message is heard loud and clear is KEY to winning this fight. When politicians know folks like you and me are watching, they behave very differently than when they think we're not watching.

But I can't send that message without your action today.

I don't know about you, but I can't imagine standing by silently while our Second Amendment rights are literally DESTROYED -- either by Congress or by a President's Executive Order.

If you agree, in addition to signing your STOP Hillary's UN Gun Ban survey, I hope I can count on you for a generous contribution $20, $10 or $5.

Without your generous support, I'm afraid I just won't be able to turn up enough heat on Congress to stop any UN Gun Ban.

After you and I have come so far -- even initially derailing passage of UN "Small Arms Treaty" through the UN itself -- I hope you agree we simply cannot give up now.

But the fact is, as it stands today, I don't have the resources to put up much more than a whimper of opposition should this fight rear its ugly head in the next several weeks.

But that means I simply must be able to count on the generous and immediate financial support of good folks like you to win any fight in the lame duck session of Congress.

In fact, after studying what a massive national mobilization program will cost -- with only a week or two to implement it -- I need to raise an additional $2 million in the next three weeks.

That's a tall order.

But that's what it could take to win.

I believe with your generous and IMMEDIATE support, you and I can beat back the gun-grabbers' schemes using hard-hitting targeted mail, viral web videos and email blasts.

I'll also launch an all-out media blitz combining radio and TV interviews with uncompromising op-eds, and blistering radio, newspaper and TV ads to ensure Second Amendment supporters across the country know exactly what's at stake.

With your generous support today, the National Association for Gun Rights will be prepared for any anti-gun scheme that pops up during the lame duck session of Congress.

Your signed STOP Hillary's UN Gun Ban survey is absolutely critical to winning this fight.

But even more important is your financial support. So please don’t close this email without getting involved or think someone else will carry the load.

Please agree to your most generous contribution of $20 TODAY.

I know that's a lot. I know that's much more than you've given in the past.

Please realize there's very little time for me to mobilize Second Amendment supporters from all over the country.

So I'm counting on you.

If $20 is too much, please consider giving $10 or at least $5 to help me stop the UN Gun Ban.

As more and more details leak out about what the UN is planning, the scarier this fight becomes. If you truly value your Second Amendment rights, please help me fight to save them.

In addition to signing your STOP Hillary's UN Gun Ban survey, please make your most generous contribution of $20, $10 or $5 TODAY!

For Freedom,

Dudley Brown
Executive Vice President

P.S. The lame duck session of Congress is set to reconvene next Tuesday where anti-gun Members of Congress, many with an axe to grind, are preparing to launch a gun control assault on the American people.

That's why I'm mobilizing NAGR's gun rights army in opposition to ALL gun grabs.

But even if we hold off this coming assault on our Second Amendment rights, gun owners will be facing danger early next year.

Less than 12 hours after winning re-election, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton signed on to new UN Gun Ban talks at the United Nations March 18-28, 2013.

The number of options the anti-gun gang has at their disposal is mind-numbing.

Please help me fight back today by signing your STOP Hillary's UN Gun Ban survey and make your most generous contribution of $20, $10 or $5 TODAY!


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Oct 31, 2009
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I'll also be signing whatever the NRA, SAF and CCRKBA sends out.
I am forwarding the link to all gun owners and hunters I have in my e-mail contact list.


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Jun 20, 2009
America is going to see Mr Obama's true colors during his "last" 4 years . we should keep fighting for our rights but its hard for me not to feel like the folks that voted for him will be getting what they deserve ! Some people cannot see no further than the dollar bills .......Sad to say every one has to go thru what lies ahead . I voted Romney atleast he salutes the flag !!!!

Our country is on a moral decline we just had 3 states vote for the legal manufacture of marjuana now the dopers will go and manufacture in the "Legal" states and distribute to the rest of the states ??? Wonder how the local law enforcement officers feel about this ? If they can pass something as ridiculous as this you better believe they want bother to come after your Guns !


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Mar 3, 2011
Signed...hope that wasnt a " hey ive got guns come to my house" invitation....if we arnt carefull obummer is gunna take everything weve got, how many times has he walked all over freedom of speech....

At this point we may have to secede to succeed.....