Guardian Long Range - Lake City, MI


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Jun 13, 2012
Southern Michigan
I mentioned a precision rifle event to another member who ultimately decided to attend and thought maybe some others might be interested as well. There is a two-day PRS/NRL style match taking place in May with a lot of seats still open according to Practiscore. This is a charity event and there seem to be a lot of new shooters attending. I myself have never shot in a PRS-style match so I would also be considered a "new" shooter according to their metric. I already made one new friend from LRH through this event so I thought it would be cool to fill an entire 10 person squad with LRH members. PM me if you are interested in the shoot and I'll direct you to the unofficial LRH squad. If enough people join maybe we could group buy some LRH shirts for the match. Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Guardian Long Range other than attending this match.
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