GS bullet antelope hunting.


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Mar 25, 2007
Promised that I would give a report on my antelope hunt using the GS 177gr .308.

I shot 2 does. One at 650yrds and another at 762yrds. My drops were right on with the drop charts using the advertised bc's.

Had a discussion w/ Gerrard of GS bullets and he explained to me the difference between the old style bullets and the new style. The old style the first drive band is a vertical standoff from the shaft. The new, incorporates the 1st drive band as part of the flare of the ogive.


So far the new ones that we have shot run with the advertised bc's.


The terminal performance was as I expected from prior use.
Also looks like the Boat Tail on the new design is MUCH better; it looks far too steep on the old one.

Overall it's a very good looking bullet.

How was the terminal performance?

The terminal performance was good. As well as I can tell on a small animal like antelope. My 650 yrd shot missed the pump house and went through the gut. She never moved though, just laid down. No complaints. No blood shot that I have experienced with other bullets.

I will be headed out on an elk hunt and mule deer hunt in a week for a couple weeks. We will be using the 177g .308, and 110g .264 GS HV bullets. This trip will give much better info. I will get pics this time.


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