Grunted to a stop!


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Mar 1, 2012
Poolesville, MD
On another site we were discussing vocalizations to bring in deer.
I generally don't like to do anything to call attention to myself, but there's one exception: The grunt stop.
I will grunt at a mature buck to stop him in a shooting lane for a shot.

Case in point...

Saturday I had a young 8 pointer and a more mature 9 pointer face off right under my stand.
They were right behind me, facing off after the 8 pointer walked under me at a range of 1 yard.

I didn't dare move. I could hear them posturing, clearly more than 1 deer back behind me, but I didn't dare move to look.

Eventually the 8 pointer 'blinked' and walked back under my stand and out of sight. I snuck a peak, and the 9 pointer was already up on the hill about 60 yards out.

I slowly turned around and waited, hoping for a break. Fortune smiled on me and he turned around and started down the hill. He was walking fast. I eased the Tac15 up. He started to step into a clearing at 35 yards and I grunted. He slammed to a halt in two steps, right in the lane.
The arrow was away in about half a second.
He ran 60 yards, just out of sight and crashed like a jumbo jet into the creek.

The grunt-stop worked again!

This was the longest shot I've taken at a deer in a very long time. The flat trajectory of the Tac15 is very forgiving. I estimated him at 40 yards and he was at 35 yards. The arrow hit him just a couple of inches high. No big deal.



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