Group Therapy!

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    Dec 24, 2001
    Got off work today and at 6:46PM decided I needed to shoot my rifle(s). I started to just shoot the .300 but said what the heck, I'll shoot the other two also.
    Went down range and put a paper target up at 500yds. There was no wind, temperature felt like 95 but was closer to 80-85. Humidity was very high and I was sweating like a pig. Gotta love the Ga heat. :)
    Started out with my Win 70 HVB in .243Win shooting the 85gn GameKing and IMR3031. They printed dead on but slightly right of center.


    Next up was my Savage 112BVSS in 6.5-284 shooting the 120gn Ballistic Tip and RL25. These were a tad high but close enough to center.


    Next: my other Savage 112BVSS in .300WinMag shooting the 190gn SMK and H1000. These were pretty much dead on but slightly left of center.


    The little .243 printed the best group with the 85gn GameKing. This was a pleasant surprise as i didn't expect a GK to be quiet this accurate. The 6.5-284/w the 120gn Ballistic Tip opened up a bit more than I expected. They normally run just under 2.5". The big, hard thumpin' .300 had the worse seat in the house as it was 8:10PM when I fired the last round. The day was overcast here and the light went fast when it started. I had to really concentrate on breathing and hold for this one. Not as tight as I would have liked but still MOA.

    Nothing like a little "group therapy" to clear the haze and re-align the priorities. A fitting end to a mentally stressing Monday. Life is good. JohnnyK.
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    Oct 31, 2009
    Thanks for posting the pics.

    Nice shooting, I especially like the .243 group. Congrats.!!!