Ground blind.


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Dec 1, 2019
Sits on the edge of 22000 acres where my house is, takes me about one minutes to get there. Many coyotes,foxes,squirrels ,turkey,deer,coons etc have been taken from it, black tinted glass on three sides, you can't see in, but can out deer can't make you from four feet, crows can't make you.All the amenities comfortable chair,and heat, I put my time in deer stands freezing for hours fifteen feet off the ground this blind is as effective as any in the past I've had.Shown are the views out the windows, coyote shots can be challenging in this terrain but it teaches you patience. This has a tin roof and can be moved with a skid steer if need be, heavy lumber used it's built to last.The windows are on pulleys that are 100% silent, and shooting rests built into the windows.


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