GreyBull Precision

I havn't but I just recieved the precision hunter journal they produce, and it was nice. I'm thinking hard about one of the scopes.
Same here their scopes look pretty sweet! I also like the looks of their stocks! Looks like they line your line of sight up better with larger 50 mm scopes.
John Burns was one of the first hosts? on the best of the west tv show, been doing that stuff for years, my brother in law has one of his scopes on 340 WM ACCUMARK
A buddy of mine just picked up one of their scopes and said he was able to hit targets from 400 to 600 yards on his first shots with his 7mm Rem Mag. They did however design a load for his rifle. Don't know what it is.
I have one of his scopes and It works great. Sight in at 200 and hit right on at 600 after he worked up the turret on my load 25-06 Weatherby Accumark. Plan on getting another one soon.
Don is Probably one of the very nicest most honest guys in the industry, I have 3 of his stocks,the rifles in them all shoot very well if you like the semi tactical look. They use the aluminium bedding block.
The scopes are also nice. If you are a Leupold lover they are really the ticket.
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