SOLD/EXPIRED Greybull Precision Scope Gen 1 for sale


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Jul 9, 2011
This is a Gen 1 scope with very very little use. Retails from Greybull Precision today for $1,150. Will let it go for $825. Perfect condition including alumina flip lens covers. This is really a modified Leopold and comes with a lifetime warranty from Leopold. This will be the second one I am selling. Thanks for your interest. Best, Chris

Compromise isn't a popular word at GreyBull Precision. When we set out to develope the most balanced hunting system, the choice of optics was at the top of the list. The finest build quality, clarity-to-weight ratio, durability, return-to-zero consistency, and performance under field conditions, led us straight to Leupold.

Each Precision Hunting Optic (PHO) includes our Precision Hunting Reticle and our custom bullet Drop Compensating Turret (DCT) designed for your specific rifle, load data, and hunting conditions. Once you have the target's range, you simply dial the DCT to the yardage and hold dead on. Our reticle is set-up with MOA windage hold marks for the fastest and easiest way to dope the wind. Each turret dial is built at our facility and they are designed one at a time to ensure a perfect fit to your exact load performance.

Generic BDC reticles based on the average performances of factory loads and rifle types can be effective at medium distances. The "one size fits all" approach is fine for a ball cap, but not for that shot of a lifetime. Range it, dial it, and call the taxidermist.

Features and Specifications
Custom 4.5-14 x 50mm made specifically for GreyBull Precision by Leupold.

Drop Compensating Turret (DCT) marked in yards and customized for your specific rifle, load, temperature & altitude preference. Each dial is individualy made in-house to match your specific rifle and load performance. If you want to shoot 650 yards, just dial to 650 and your rifle is now zeroed at 650...put the crosshair where you want to hit and squeeze.

Instructions are included on collecting data required for the custom dial. Don't trust your hunt to generic factory dials or dials built only based on, often inaccurate, published ballistic coefficients. With many popular bullet choices, we can set your scope up with only some basic information on your load and the muzzle velocity. We will match it to any caliber and load and your rifles individual performance. Each dial is made individually.

Adjustable Zero Stop for quick return if dialed beyond single rotation. "Up" adjustment is not effected or limited.

20 MOA per Rotation Allowing 33% More Distance Marked on the Turret vs a Standard 15 MOA per Rotation Scope

Side Focus & Parallax Dial

Low Profile Windage Turret

New GreyBull Precision Hunting Reticle Gen 2 with MOA Windage Hash Marks. The single small horizontal hash is 2 MOA below the main crosshair allowing the option of a quick 300 yard no-dial solution for many popular modern big game cartridges. The Gen 2 is cleaner and designed to be easier to pick up in low light conditions without giving up the ability to place shots precisely.


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