Grendel strikes again

How long of a barrel do you have.
It seems to me that the people that do good with the Grendel and 123gr have a 24” barrel, but the can might help velocity.
The CZ527 is 24" and the AR has a 20". Even at 400 i have not seen a difference in effectiveness, the CZ does shoot a little flatter. Gave a little thought to the barrel length when I put together the AR. Will never run a 24" on an AR ever again(ruins the handleing) and a 16" would give up too much velocity so it was down to an 18" or 20"....went with 20 and dont regret it.
I have three cronies but havnt used them in years...the accurate load gets the vote and field shooting determines holdovers/clicks.
Cant say if the can helps velocity but doubt it hurts. The point of impact definitely changes with and without the can! I just run the can😎

It's been awhile since I've seen a Horny Toad. Lots of antelope, so that was a treat.
Used to think the AR was questionable for hunting but a lot has changed since the old Colt HBAR!
These days you can put together about any confiureation and calibar you need. The 6.5 Grendel, 300bo, and 450 Bushmaster have turned them into very viable hunting least for me, the anti's of coarse will lie too thier ignorence Top is the Grendel Suppressor is on the blackout The little bastard is an old school 223 The bottom unit is the 450 Bushmaster
Too much gun! The 123eld totally scraped the one shoulder, the 156 would have gottem both no doubt🤠 Was thinking about turning the Grendel loose on elk but after this autopsy I’ll stick with the 338

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