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Ian M

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May 3, 2001
Sask. Canada
I would like to let the guys on the site know about a great source of info about reloading. A good friend of mine, Stan Watson from Lawton OK, has a unique site that is worth referring to at

Very simply, Stan is a reloading expert in a very real sense of the term. He is an engineer by trade (he can put my mind into its usual jelly-state with about three sentences if he so chooses) and he probably knows as much about the Oehler 43 as anybody other than Doctor Ken himself. Stan is also an '06 shooter and has devoted a lot of energy to learn stuff about that cartridge that the big-name reloading manuals don't explain.

How deep is his knowledge? Good enough that he has put together a fantastic reloading manual that has info in it that the big name manuals don't go near. Which brass lasts best, what variables effect pressure and accuracy the most, he names names and tells it exactly like it is and he knows his "schit". Stan's manual is based on the venerable .30-06 but the info in it relates to reloading any cartridge.

Fact is, he is not a long range shooter, or an ultra long range shooter, or a benchrester. He is a highy educated reloader who has devoted an extraordinary amount of time, effort and dollars into learning about the "crankin' shells".

I am not trying to sucker anyone into buying the manual. I am just telling you guys about a book that makes my reloading more interesting, answers questions that bug my butt, and offers info for beginners and guys who have cranked all their lives.


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Feb 26, 2002
Wyoming, USA
A great site, Ian. Thanks for the heads-up.

Mr. Watson certainly sounds as if he knows his stuff. His manual appears to be very educational and a nice departure from the popular offerings.

I ordered a hard copy for a Xmas present to myself!

Take care.