Great offers on Leupolds!

Leupold has screwed around with their product line so much how are you supposed to know what you are getting anymore.
I used to buy only Leupolds because I knew the quality of the scope I was getting with their old style vari XIII.
Now I have no idea whats what.
I have bought two scopes in the last year and neither were Leupolds because of it.
By the way I bought a Sightron SII 4x16 mildot and a Burris Signature 4x16 ballistic mildot and they are both excellent scopes.
Sheldon, the prices on for a 3.5x10x40 VX-III is $519 Jon's site is $459? Should I pay them $70 because they are a hunting family that has been around 25 years?

I thought Jon's post was done in a professional manner. You jumping in to tell people about somewhere else to buy leupold scopes in unprofessional, childish, and foolish since the site you mentioned charges about 15% more.

Are you an owner of If not,what the point of trying to interfere with a member of this forum?
If you are, lower your prices!

I really appreciate you sticking up for me. My only intent for the post is to inform people that we are offering FREE Express shipping and merchandise. SWFA or does have the same price on the VX-III 3.5-10x40, you must have looked at the new Boone & Crockett reticle price. Sheldon does not own His company or business made or designed's website.

I typically do not post links or messages that promote our business, due to the fact that I consider this board, along with Accuratereloading as an informational board, not an advertising site. So, I would like to apologize for doing so.
Great prices John. I added your link for next time I need to shop for a scope. Unfortunately, I, too, am probably done with buying new Leupolds. They keep changing the name, features and the PRICES. I think they have priced themselves right out of my budget. I'll probably be going with Bushnell high end models or Nikon high end models. For a bargain scope, I really like the Swifts.
..Awwww.. Ya can't give Sheldon too hard a time.. He prolly did SWFA's website for'em.. Who's to blame a guy fer plugging the ones paying the bills.??

PS- And by the way.. I'm with you guys in the search for another scope company to work with.. I can't afford a Leupold an every rifle anymore..

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I guess, I made a mistake in price. Even so, I still think there was no need to chime with that post on your thread. I'm not knocking SWFA. We all know they had great prices on Nightforce scopes. By the way, you do have great prices and I will certainly use you for any leupold products.

As a business owner, I appreciate people who explore new avenues for business and a likewise disdain for those who try to jump in when they see someone elses opportunity.
It's like the guy who pulls his boat next to yours because you caught a fish.
Just compared a few prices and they were the same. So you are competitive on price. In my book if the product is the same, it boils down to price and customer service. I will give you a try on my next leupold purchase.
For the record.

I encourage anyone to use the site to promote themselves or their favorite outfitter, gun maker, scope seller or jellybean provider. But Sheldon, why don't you start your own topic and do as much promoting of you and your clients as you like. Leave this topic alone, please. We are starting to get too much personality conflict on the site lately and I and many members are getting tired of it. Don't mean to pick on you Sheldon, just caught me at an irritated (over similar issues) moment.

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