Gps witch one to buy??

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    witch gps to buy? anybody got a favorite one or had a bad experience with one ?
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    Chad... The one dissappointment I have had with GPS is in heavy tree/timber type cover the antenae systems lost signal very easily.

    The newest Garmin and Magellan units seem to perform better. The Marines over in Iraq were using a lot of store purchased Garmins instead of the D.O.D. issued units because they work better.
  3. Brent

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    Jun 12, 2001
    I have a Garmin GPSIII and it works very well, wish I had waited and gotten the one you could download topo maps to but, never knew they were coming. Garmins GPS V is the best I've seen, batteries might drain a bit faster than mine though, it has a color screen and slightly faster processor I think.
  4. James D.

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    Feb 16, 2002
    Garmin 12XL, they had problems with the internal batteries with a small batch but supposedly was corrected. That said I have one that has the problem but haven't sent it back, (more $$$ spent on something I bought for $100.) The Magellans had more features in '01 when I bought mine, again I paid $100 for mine so that played a big part in purchasing it.

    Also used by military.
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    Garmin eTrex Vista-- 24 MB of downloadable map space--More than you'll probably ever need. WyoWhisper and I both have these and we think they are the cat's A$$... Good luck with whatever you decide.
  6. dwm

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    Feb 26, 2003
    I have been using a Magellan 315 for several years under some pretty big pines and oaks.

    I have never had a problem with not being able to get a signal and maintain lock.

    It is a pretty basic unit and quite affordable. (Lost my first one.)

    I also use the Delorme TOPO4 and 3D TOPOQUAD software to print USGS quadrangle maps with a grid.

    This combination has worked great for me.

  7. Perkules

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    Dec 11, 2002
    For what it´s worth,I have used a Magellan 315 for some years now as well. It´s been through hell and high water,literally. Very cold,very hot,wet,dust,dropped a million times,rough hunting use.

    No complaints except it´s got no way to lock the buttons,which I would like. Compared to some units it works in a pocket and inside the car without problems as well.

    Nothing fancy,a very basic unit. If I lose it I will get another one.

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  8. QuietHunter

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    Sep 19, 2002
    I have seen quite a few in different camps. I own a Magellan MAP330, but would probably recomend the Garmin e-trex Vista with 24 MB RAM.
    Having the ability to download a ridiculous amount of map detail makes a GPS more than a simple navigation device. Instead of saying I want to go from point A to point B, you can understand that their is a big mountain, a creek and a lake between those two points and decide on better ways to get there.
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    Apr 15, 2003
    I have a Garmin 12XL and love it, it is great. I have use the magellen GPS 2000,2000XL, and 310.THese worked ok, the 2000's are pretty slow. The two GPS 310's I use would lock up some times as you were navigating back to a waypoint. Our project leader sent them back to be checked out.I have not used either one since so I do not know how they work now. They were very easy to use and were fairly quick.
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    Mar 5, 2003
    I recently purchased a GPS and did a lot of research before doing so. Several of the units that are being mentioned in previous posts are almost obsolete compared to what is available today. I chose a Garmin 76S over the Magellan Meridian line. The Garmin costs significantly more, but you will quickly be glad you did. One of the features that you will learn to appreciate is the higer resolution of the Garmin screen. It allows more information to be displayed on the base map and downloaded maps when the unit is used on a screen with less zoom than the equivalent Magellan. Reception on all units is comparable.
    Feel free to call me at 620.437.6189 after 20:00 CST if you want to talk to me about your potential purchase. Reception on all units is comparable.

  11. milanuk

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    Jan 21, 2002
    Good info on the various GPS units guys. Now for a twist: The software used to get the downloadable maps (whether from the Internet or from a map CD) into the GPS units. Any recommendations? I guess my main requirements are that it (the GPS) accept the data via USB or FireWire, and preferably Mac compatible, though I have VirtualPC/WinXP for the few programs that just plain don't have Mac versions (i.e. Sierra Infinity V, Exbal)


  12. STL_Shooter

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    Nov 1, 2002
    I am on my fourth GPS unit, having owned and/or tested extensively units from Garmin, Lowrance and Magellan.

    I can say that the most reliable handheld unit, with the features I need for hiking and boating, is the Garmin E-Trex Vista. As CJ said, the downloadable maps are incredible - they're topo maps.

    On my boat, the Lowrance 1600, with the larger screen, is more usable at high speed than the smaller Vista. Downloadable maps available for it as well...

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    Sep 19, 2002
    I have downloaded maps to the Garmin and Magellan using DB-9 Serial port.
    Yur post got me interested so I did a bit of research. The new Meridians from Magellan have USB ability. The e-trex series from Garmin appear to still be using RS-232.

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  14. *WyoWhisper*

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    I sorta helped CJ decide to get his.. All I said was .. no question, get it..!! I think to say the least he's happy...

    E-trex vista 2 years of work out here and it is a top-notch unit!! The maps are a great thing... especially if you have wide ope spaces like here...