Got to test a Robar SR-60 and a DS-MP1 today

Discussion in 'Equipment Discussions' started by James Jones, Jun 1, 2005.

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    Jul 1, 2002
    I had the chance to shoot a couple realy nice guns as a local LEA was looking to get a real "sniper rifle" the first gun was a Robar SR-60 with a Leoplod VX-111 4.5-14x40 mounted in Leo MK4 rings and bases
    the gun shot very well was able to hold sub 3/4 moa (from prone and a bi-pod and a bad @$$ stomach virus!!) with both BlackHills 168gr and Federal GMM 168's fit and finish wioth this rig were awsome I realy like the Roguard coating and their NP3 coatings on the internals seems realy smooth.

    As for the DS-MP1 it was topped with the same scope and ring setup as the Robar. Also shot from prone and bi-pod
    It shot as well as the Robar I liked the McMillan 5A stock better and it was a little bit shorter I think the barrel was only 20-22" , fit and finish were also top end as the Robar , no fancy coatings but the action worked very smooth it was as accurate as the nore expensive Robar.
    the owner said that the gun was built by GA Precision and the barrel was made by Badger? I diden't know that Badger made barrels?

    Anyhow both of these guns were said to be in the $3700 price range with scope and rings , both were great shooters and seemed to be a great way to go if you were looking to get an out of the box rifle

    NOTE : both guns have a 1/2 moa guarntee and I'm sure that
    they will both shoot to that or better from the bench
    and with someone thats not running a 102 fever
    dehydration and serious stomach cramps.
    Question for Mr Chris Matthwes , I know that you work for GA so I'm guessing that your might be able to shed some light on what barrel the DSA rifle uses ??