Got my fisrt fox today.


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Nov 14, 2009
Went out calling today and missed a couple of coyotes that were on the move, but I was able to get my first fox. Had been calling for coyotes and upon getting up to leave spotted the two foxes, at first they looked like small coyotes. I raised up and shot over the first ones back, luckily the second stayed put just a little to long.

Desert Kit Fox picture by wasgas - Photobucket

Desert Kit Fox picture by wasgas - Photobucket
That's a cute little fox. Give us a few more details....rifle, load, range?

Not much to tell, 75-85 yards with a .223 52GR HP went in the chest, left a large exit hole on the opposite shoulder about the size of a golf ball.

I may look into getting it mounted as they are a pretty rare find, at least for me anyhow.
Good's not like they're a very big target. I shot one at about max 15 yards straight on in the front of the chest with a let out a high pitched dog like whine/yip for about 4-5 seconds and that was it....crazy sound. Anyway congratulations once more.
Nice shooting, but I beat you, got mine on the first ;-)
A big red, first one I called in. Sure is purdy.
Got two more coyotes since then, last night had to go out on some ice along a river to collect the last one.Sure am glad we got some cold weather ;-)
Here is a pic of the first yote with the muskie poles we used to get it off the thin ice on the river. He was big for around here about 35 lbs.

And here is a pic of the yote and the fox.

And here is one of just the fox.
Congrats!! I like the fishing pole idea, did you just "snag" him w/ a trebble hook? Is that some sort of back pack you wear? Do you use some sort of rest for that hand cannon, looks really heavy to be shooting offhand?

Again, congratulations! Good Pictures!
Yes, the treble hooks on the lures snagged the hair and held tight without doing any damage to the fur.
That is a pack made by Dave at Quiet Hide Holsters. It has a gun compartment, pouch for a water bladder and a compartment for my decoy and other things. Dave has a built in ammo 'belt' too.
I use shooting sticks here in WI unless they don't cooperate and come in from another direction, then I shoot off hand.
The gun weighs 7lbs as is. For shooting silhouettes I have a 7mmbr 10" barrel with a smaller forend and open sites.
Out west I use a Rock SOPMOD bipod with a Seekins base.
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