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Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by CaptBeach, Nov 25, 2011.

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    Feb 6, 2011
    Got a stock question...I've got an idea but wanted to run it past you guys...

    I want to wring every particle of MOA out of this rifle and I say that to say I am on a budget too...and a time budget too...more than $$$...I have cancer ( I DO PLAN ON KICKING ITS ---) and want to do these things while I still can.

    I'm building a Savage "Longer Range" rifle, right now it sports a heavy barrel .308 factory tube that has shot sub .5" at 200 yards...NOT .5 MOA but under .5 of an inch 5 shot group, basically one ragged hole at 200... whether I'll be able to do that we'll see but I once had that kind of skill and then some...just getting back into it...

    Its a Savage 110FP action with her original .308 factory 24" tube, hand lapped and very well taken care of...she has a SSS .250/.240? SS recoil lug, a very nice 3 screw trigger that breaks like glass at 3.5 lbs every time.

    I placed her into a Choate Tactical (a Poor mans McMillan A5) for a couple of reasons...good reports, machined aluminum V Bedding Block, price and I didnt have to wait for weeks/months for a Manners/McMillan or Stockade and Bell and Carson just plain --- dont want any of my $$$ imagine that in this economy...

    So the stock comes along with a bipod and its a quick pop in fit...EASY BUTTON EASY...,

    I've read that even skim bedding this V BLOCK may be a waste of time so the jury is out still on that...

    I did make the following observations though...

    In picture 1 below I have an area around the safety tang that seems like it sits a little this right? I can slide a couple of sheets of Post-It note under it no this an area I should be concerned with?

    In picture 2 below that, at the rear of the barrel channel where the barrel nut torques down onto the receiver there is a very small area where the barrel nut seems "pinched" a little...I can slide a business card most of the way around the receiver except here...notice arrows in pic...should i consider removing this area and free floating it? Or leave it alone?

    My gut tells me yes on the barrel nut and no on the tang...

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  2. winmagman

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    Mar 13, 2003
    Most would agree that the tang of a Savage needs to be free floated, so having it a little high is much better than touching anywhere.

    Personally I would relieve the area around the barrel nut, may or may not make much difference, but it's one less thing to worry about.

  3. CaptBeach

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    Feb 6, 2011
    Makes sense...I can run a business card all the way around between the stock and action EVERYWHERE except the area around the barrel my mind this tells me that the action is mostly free floated within the stock EXCEPT the place around the barrel nut and that it is resting solidly on the Aluminum V-BLOCK as designed...

    Pretty sure (unless I hear detrimentally NO here) that I will take a razor blade to the offending "pinched" area adjacent to the barrel nut and removed enough plastic to make a smooth transition from that shouldered area towards the front and blend it in prior to painting the stock.

    I highly suspect that once that is done that the entire barreled action will be 100% free float while being held in its V-BLOCK design with the exception of the Recoil Lug which I am contemplating bedding...I've read that even skim bedding these actions into Choate V-Blocks is a waste of materials and efforts...that the V-BLOCK is an awesome design and would not really benefit from an accurizing bedding job..

    Capt Beach