Good news is always Good!


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Oct 11, 2019
Cedar Bluff, Al
Seems like folks always have a complaint or aren't happy about some product, rifle, scope, etc.. Well, I got good news today and have an example of customer service as we all hope it will be.
I bought a Magneto Speed Sporter earlier this year. I'm working up loads for my 7 RUM with Hammer bullets. I've used the MS a bunch this spring/summer and am very pleased with it.
Well, guess I didn't pay close enough attention to what I was doing. I didn't have the strap tight enough and the bayonet walked down the barrel too far. It got into the muzzle blast of the RUM (which is ferocious) and the blast broke the bayonet off flush with the barrel fixture! My brake vents radially, not just to the side like some.
Anyway, I called MS and explained what happened. They asked for photos which I sent.
They called me today and said they're sending me another bayonet. It's a demo, but it should work fine. That's all I care about.
Thanks to Magneto Speed for a good product and good customer service!
By the way, the rep suggested really tightening the thumb screw and using both rubber barrel spacers, one on top and one under the barrel to give the unit a better grip on the barrel - especially with a big boomer!

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