Good day to you!


Dec 4, 2020
Hi folks

I stumbled across the forum whilst searching for some brass for my Shultz and Larsen 7x61.

Im from England and into my hunting and target shooting (yes we do have rifles over here)

I’ve had a brief peek around the forum and I’m sure I’m going to enjoy it.

Cheers all

Hi there
It’s a bit complicated here but we can have pretty much what we want/need if we have “good reason” that’s the legal phrase.
No fully automatic firearms.
semi automatic in rimfire and shotgun but with firearms license (different to shotgun licence)
You can have a 50 cal for target shooting if you like and heavy duty for big game if you have @Good reason” for which a visit to Africa or occasional wild boar would qualify!!
However it’s rather technical re calibers, as I mentioned you need “good reason” so a .308 for deer is good reason but a second one for deer isn’t as you already have one!! But if you go for one with iron sights for woodland stalking then you may have two if the authorities let you “!!! One rimfire in .22 but a second if you need it with night vision or thermal and a third if you want a target rifle (but only if your in a club)
I could go on but it would be too funny!!!
I have .22 - .17hmr - firearms .22 and .25 air rifle (these are licensed as our law requires that over 12ft lb oh and you need good reason) a firearms semi auto shotgun (over 3 cartridges!! You guessed it “good reason”
.223 - .243 - .308 - 7x61 - .303 “Sheila” Lee Enfield with two more on the way! Long barrelled .22 pistol,
Long barrelled .357 revolver on the way (can’t have pistols without them being long barrelled) 😄 check them out, it’s crazy!!!
Oh but you can have muzzle loading pistols without long barrels, 😂 a .357 Underlever and numerous shotguns!! We can also have moderators but they are licensed too however they are encouraged for H&S reasons. It’s crazy but yep we have firearms!!