Good 12 ga shotgun?

I'm guessing the blue one. Looks like the barrier fence between two skeet fields too. Close??
Close. Side of the high skeet house.

I'm going to try them all. From the left browning, Turkish o/U, rem 1187, winchester 1300 or clone,tough to tell with sling in the way, but guess bps, 300 series beretta, rem 1100
AL 390 Beretta, yes. Didn’t ask about the others.

The blue one. They work great for dove hunting.
Works really well for everything I’ve used it for. It’s a workhorse
Pump guns have their issues too. Short shuck one in the field and you will have a mess. You better have a knife in your pocket to fix it. I've fixed the problem many times for folks in a duck blind. The most reliable is an O/U if you keep the firing pins clean and dry
You are right about that. Not much to do about that, but it's only 2 shots. Pumps I generally fix right there on the spot. Auto is another story. The pumps I have different barrels for them. Anywhere from 24" to 34". I petty much quite Duck and Goose hunting because of steel shot. It's a lot better now or you can go broke with the high end shells.
In all the years dove hunting I have found that Dove don't blue. I don't wear anything blue huntig dove anymore.
Good thing I don’t dove hunt. It’s taken more pheasants than I remember though. It’s mainly a clay duster, but with hunting loads I prefer it over my 686
Looking for a new 12 ga for marylands waterfowl season planning on shooting duck and goose with some dove hunting as well, one that I’m looking at right now is the benelli m2, I don’t love the new forend they put on there so I’d be looking for an old one, are they reliable or durable guns ?
I have an M2 20ga, SBE3, Beretta A400 Lite, and Beretta A400 Xtreme plus. The M2 are known for the "benelli click" which is if the bolt gets knocked back a bit, it's out of battery and you won't know it. That was fixed with the SBE3s but Benelli insists on patterning high for that model and it's the most common complaint. Some are 100% high. Mine is 60/40. That doesn't matter as long as you set up the shims so that when you mount it, it will point a bit low. You'll need to verify on a pattern board and some practice on skeet crossers. Where it will come into play is if you plan to use it for Turkey with the bead. If red dot, no issues. The benellis feel the best in my hands, and kick a little harder but not noticeable in hunting conditions. The A400 lite swings like the benelli. The A400 Xtreme is a boat, but a smoother swing with the weight and recoil is nothing even when shooting the big stuff. Oh, and I see no need for 3.5", especially if using bismuth waterfowl loads. Good luck on the water this year!
Berettas a300 series is by far the most value for the dollar that there is in the shotgun world today. And that shotgun will last you a lifetime With just a little maintenanc. I have shot Benelli's but I quit with them and own 9 different Berettas now. From 390s to the new a400 extreme plus. My personal favorite are the older 391 Urika and Extrema series. The Berettas are softer shooting and not near as loud as a Benelli. I can tell a Benelli from its report. Your blind partner will thank you.