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  1. Tackdriver

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    Aug 28, 2002
    Well this all started many moons ago. My quest for a long range rifle. Its been on-again-off again, and is now on-again in a off again format.

    Totally lost?

    Many moons ago, my first CF rifle was a Browning Gold Medallion, in 30-06. I put a Redfield scope on top of it. The Ultimate Illuminator. I had nothing but greif from this rifle. Touchy as all get out. Certain loads only, and then only in certain temps and wind conditions.

    The rifle sat. At that time there was no 'net, and as a hunting nut from a non-hunting immediate family, I had no support system to figure out what was wrong.

    Over the years I developed two handloads that would generally kill a boar or a deer. But mostly the rifle sat.

    Wives came and went, I went back to school, no time for hunting. The rifle sat.

    Graduated, found some extra time, started fiddling with it again. Same old story. Back to letting the rifle sit.

    Got involved deeply in varmint and predator hunting, discovered the 'net, talked to others and switched to smaller rifles. (As of now, that is the only rifle I have over 6mm diameter). Then I figured out, that at least off a bench, I could shoot groups. Hooray, it was not neccessarily lack of technical skill.

    Tried an '06 bushing die. No luck.

    Built a 19-223, and yanked the scope of this rifle. Threw it on the 19, and immediately started having grief. The exact same type of grief that '06 used to give.

    Did a side by side comparison with a leopold, and that clinched the problem in my mind. That scope was all goofy.
    Probably started off goofy, and got worse with each passing round, until the mighty 19 gave it one poke too many.

    Traded the scope for a Burris 8-32, which will be off layaway soon.

    That Burris was originally slated for an AR-15 I was putting together. The AR project hit the skids. Complete lower, no upper. And I am not even wanting to touch THAT tangle at this point. So for now that lower is gonna stay in the darkest corner of the closet.

    Which left a scope with no rifle and a rifle with no scope. VIOLA. My long range rig lives. Kinda.

    Granted, it is not a purpose built rig like I envisioned, but I can reach out with it, or at least get started well enough to decide where to go next.

    So from the old, and the new, and a twisted road connecting the two, some longer shots may connect this summer!

    As that scope was flaky, my whole load book for this rifle is now flaky. I have to rework everything I ever THOUGHT I knew, and I think I will get a box of Mks to start.

    Its gonna be exciting!

    How far have you experienced fellas been able to make a '06 go?

    Tim, you ever get that Tomahawk barrel?

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  2. Tim Behle

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    Mar 16, 2002

    That barrel should be done and shipped directly to Romains by now. I sent him my action and new stock a couple of weeks ago.

    But I have a hundred pieces of prepped brass and a couple of hundred bullets sitting here waiting on it.

    As far as I'm concerned, you'd be better off selling that AR-15 crap to someone who doesn't know better. They only make good shooters into bad shots from what I've seen of them. Having that next shot so easily available makes a lot of hunters too quick to pull the trigger, and shoot way to many times at the same target.

    If those Matchkings don't work out, don't give up on it. My 7 mag prefers the Hornady Amax bullets to anything else, and shoots some Nosler bullets almost as well.

    How long is the barrel on the '06?
  3. Tackdriver

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    Aug 28, 2002
    Its a 22" pencil tube. Made for deer and such. But I have hopes for it, it might get me to the short-long ranges. [​IMG]