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Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by Aussie_hunter, Oct 2, 2011.

  1. Aussie_hunter

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    Aug 14, 2011
    I'm looking forward to bow hunting, is the best way to sight in to start of from 10 meters then back away to 20 meters then so on and so on?

    Can you also help me with something my mate is a bullshitter from way back and he tried telling me his daughter hit a target from 400 meters away is it bullshit or plausible?
  2. ATH

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    Oct 7, 2003
    After your bow is properly tuned, yes it makes sense to start with your closest pin and work back. I see no reason to have a 10-meter pin though, not enough drop yet, start with 20yd/meter and go back by tens from there.

    An arrow will travel 400m if shot from a 45 degree angle, and not a lot further. Hitting a target? Well, perhaps if the target was twenty meters around or something.
  3. curtis

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    Jun 25, 2005
    I would call bullshit on the 400 meter archery shot. Maybe she hit it with a rifle? LOL The distance you start with will depend on what sights you are using, or how many pins you have. If you have an adjustable, single pin sight, you can start at 10 meters and work back to a comfortable distance in 10 meter increments. If you use a more common fiber optic pin sight, you have have anywhere from 3 to 7 pins. I would start at 20 meters (or yards) and work your way back in 10 meter increments. If you only have 3 pins and if you want to stretch the distance with lots of practicing , you could go 30 meters, 50 meters and 70 meters. You would really need to be proficeint with your set up and know where your arrow is hitting at the "in-between" distances like 20, 40, and 60 meters. If you notice the main theme of my post is...practice!! One of the most important aspects of archery is to have fun and push yourself. Don't let yourself get bored by practicing only in your back yard at 20 yards. Change things up, shoot from different angles and different distances. Shoot with a buddy and push each other. Bowhunting is such an awesome sport that really requires honed skills. Good luck and have fun. By the way, what bow are you shooting? Tell us about your setup.