Going to Africa, Going to Need Advice


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May 8, 2016
Roger that Jerry! Thanks for the book tip. I'll get that ordered pronto.

On a side note I was out with my coach yesterday doing something sorta stupid on purpose just to show it could be done. I know for sure I won't attempt anything like this there but as I'd mentioned offhand shooting, here's me showing off:


Yes, coach and I do shots like that regularly and no, 800yrds is no different to us than 250 or 1000. We were at a DA of about 4500ft. Man it was hot as bawls. Usually we'll do this kind of stuff when competing in long range precision matches because it trolls the hell out of the PRS guys. Yes, we'll miss as often as we hit shooting offhand but not by very far and it's fun to lightheartedly screw with the pro-shooters. They spend the rest of the day showing us we suck at shooting from barricades (without ever saying anything like that, they're wonderful, kind and supportive guys actually), so turnabout is fair play.