Giant Canada Goose?

Pa Grizz

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Feb 8, 2014
I shot this goose the other day. 65 inch wind span and 12 pounds.I have heard of the giants,but never seen one.My dog had trouble bringing back.Has anyone ever taken one


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Yes there can be very large Canada geese. Shooting a very large one and a smaller out of the same flock will show a dramatic difference in size.
That is what the majority of the ones here are. I much prefer the big ones to the small ones for table fare. I can make the big ones taste like beef.
The smaller ones to me tend to have a stronger flavor much like duck.
I may be lucky, I will pass up on the small ones and hold out on big ones.
Prepped up well they are great. I pluck the breast some times, then skin back the legs and bone them. Once I get a lot of leg and thigh meat I will grind that up.
Most likely a Giant goose or possibly a Greater gander. Giant Ganders 14-15lbs. Pict looks like a goose, but you can't be sure without sexing it. Great Eating no matter what it is.
My buddy and I shot one each over 62 inches last week.I called a flock of about 20 in and you could see the differance between those two and the rest of the flock.My buddy was banded
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