getting a 243 savage barrel

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  1. shanman2004

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    Sep 5, 2011
    I have decided to switch my 22-250 model 12 savage to a 243 win. Im going to order a 22in stainless fluted varimt barrel from northland shooters. first question what twist do you think I should got with1-8, 1-10? Im going to be useing this as a coytoe/ groundhog gun. ANd have heard good things of the 88 gr berger fb. SO was l=kinda thinking of using them as my starting point. Second question anyone care to share what powder,primer,brass they use for the load? third should i get a new recoil lug to replace the factory one? forth anyone have any good recomendations on a good stock. I kinda like the tactial look but need something that would work good for feild condtions. I will only shoot off a bench while doing load work up...... just wondering your best options are?
  2. backwoods83

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    Jan 8, 2011
    First off i'd go with a 26" but atleast a 24" minimum id also use a twist that matches the reccomendations of the heaviest bullet I planned to shoot, personally for distance anything less than a 95grn berger is a waste and you may as well be shooting your 22-250, id use an 8 twist with 105 bergers, amaxs, or lapuas, or 107 smk's, Imr or H 4350 or 4831 are good powder choices, lapua is the best brass, br2s or 210m's are your best primers. Also get the varmint or sendero contour, I reccomend a sss, badger ordinance, or callahan recoil lug and a bell and carlson medalist A2. If you want to limit yourself to the 88grn berger and a few common slightly heavier hunting bullets a 10 twist will do, but you will likely regret it. Good luck.
  3. strombeckj

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    Nov 24, 2010
    The 88gr's are deadly and have a high BC for the weight and will need at least a 1:10 in a .243 based on ogive of the bullet. I would do at least a 1:9 but the 1:8 will let you shoot the >100gr's if you choose. A 24" barrel is ideal for the .243 and the amount of powder it burns.