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    Oct 14, 2013
    Hey there from the Northern Cape in South Africa, I am proud to join such an Elite group of people. I am a dedicated hunter and I am trying something that I think every one has done or will eventually do - moving from larger calibers to smaller calibers with the focus on accuracy, shot placement and distance.
    I am hoping that through the members' advise I can improve my abilities and enjoy long range hunting to its fullest.
    I recently purchased a 243 win Musgrave with a 1:10 barrel twist ratio and would like to find out what will be the reecommemded bullet weight and for distance, what type bullet works best - "flat back" or bowtail?


  2. ShooterMedic

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    Jul 21, 2009
    Where you are shooting a barrel with a 1-10 twist I would start wit say an 80 gr and work upto 100 gr bullet. Find the round that is the most accurate and start learning the gun from there. Gather as much information as possilble that will help you in the long run.