Gen 2 mil-dot


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Apr 13, 2002
I am looking at a 6.5-20LRT with the gen 2 mil-dot. Is it heavy enough at 6.5 for low light or brush shots. It will be on my long range deer rifle but when walking in or out from the tower stand you never know what shot will present itself. Thanks
Just got my 6.5-20x50 back from Premier Reticles with the Gen-2. Haven't had it in the bush yet, but what I see looks similar to a thin crosshair at 6.5, at max power the mildots jump out at you. I'm quite impressed with it so far.

I have that scope (6.5-20 50mm LRT stainless, Gen2) on my 300rum sendero. I was going to try some night coyote hunting here in Maine a few weeks ago. On a moonlit night, in the snow, the cross hairs show up very well. I used to own a 7mm rem sendero with the standard 6.5-20 40mm and could see pretty well in low light conditions. these are great scopes.
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